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He thought how can life be so cruel. How can she move on when he finally was about to take his first step. She thought how naive of her to think that he loved her once, when it took him that long just to make a simple move.



Posted on: April 6, 2010

She finally realized what’s been troubling her for the past month.
She realized that although it was her happiest day it was her saddest day as well.
She realized how simple and small the solution is, yet almost impossible to be achieved.
She realized that all she ever wanted was to be able to give him a birthday gift and a warm smile, and tell him how much she appreciates this day. The day the world gave her the best gift, even if she never had the chance to have it, and never will.

He finally decided to leave. After years, it’s his last day in his beloved country. The country he almost only loved because she loved it so much. It was his saddest day because it’s the day he’s gonna lose the only person he ever loved. It was her saddest day because she was gonna lose her best friend.