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She’s always been smart and ahead of others. But inside she sometimes wishes she could just close her eyes and give her brain a rest.. and listen to his interpretation of the world!


Well I’ve been tagged by Brownie this tag forr quite a while but now I think it goes perfectly with the time being almost at the end of Ramadan and all. And actually I needed to post a similar post because I’ve come to realize a lot of blessings that I took for granted. So here’s my list.

1- Well the first thing that comes to my mind since they are hurting already are ” My Legs ” – yes my legs. I had a problem with my foot for quite a while that almost even prevented me from driving at some points and I couldn’t definitely take any of my walks. So now I know I’ve been taking them for more than granted and I hope they come to their normal state ba2a : ) : Really grateful.

2- My Mom – I simply don’t know how I could’ve lived without her. – My word would be : Protection

3- My Grandpa- I’m happy that I had a person like that in my life. He’s just wonderful, I just wish I had more time with him. My word would be: Educated

4- My Best Friend – She’s amazing. She knows exactly how I think and what I like. She’s very considerate and smart. She does more than listening as she has to bear with me with the me-before-talking phase, almost every time, which – and take it from me- is very hard. She gives me loads of advice. My word: Sharing.

5- My friends – You would think it’s the same point – but no I had to dedicate a specific point to my best friend she really deserves it πŸ˜› But what I mean here are not the close ones. Recently it happened that I’ve been really down and what really got me out of it was just a simple chit chat with one who I consider a dear friend. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to without explaining all the hassle or them wanting to know all the hassle. They would just comfort you and give you advice. My word: Friendship.

6- My Education- I feel blessed because of my education that I believe gave me the opportunity to understand more and appreciate more and take more differences in and accept them, it helped me to be the person I am. My word: education.

7- My community and work environment – I’m blessed for having a community where I don’t feel alienated or cornered and helped me let all what’s on my mind out or at least I can do that whenever I want. My work environment is also a very open one with loads of differences but what’s good is that it all dissolves in it with no discrimination what so ever. My word: equality.

8- My car- I just thank God that it bears with me with all the atrocious things I do to her. My word: Thankful

9-My childhood and teenage years – although they weren’t the perfect ones, but they made me who I am, they made me stronger and gave me the chance to understand more about people and life. They also saved me the hassle of going through the silly teenage problems I’ve always heard about. My word: Experience

10- And last but not least I’m blessed with God and for my faith in Him and for His mercy and my belief in it. My word: Mercy.

Well writing this post made me remember a thousand things I can be thankful for. So as a conclusion I can say I feel blessed for being who I am and for all what I have and what I don’t have, what I am and what I’m not, what I’m gaining and what I’ve already lost. I’m really thankful for everything. πŸ™‚

Thanks for the tag and since I’m already terribly late and everybody I can think of has already received this tag I’m tagging everybody who’ve come across this. Even if you don’t have a blog, just write them down, they are worth it.
And for the rules, well, go for the very inspiring post of ibhog who started it all :))

Enjoy the few left days of Ramadan
and Have a veryy Happy Eiiiiiiiid isA πŸ™‚

A couple of days ago I realized we are in spring. Spring is not really my favourite season but there is one thing i like about spring. Ever since I moved to Maadi i noticed those beautiful trees with flowers on them. they are all across maadi and they’ve always welcomed the spring with those beautiful flowers with there very different colors. I even used a certain route to work so that i would get this view all the way to work. A couple of days ago i realized it’s been spring for a while now and i was just missing it. Even after I noticed my mind somehow is still off that everyday I don’t take my special ” Spring Route ” and i only notice it when i arrive at work and see the beautiful trees i’ve missed that day.
Every day i wonder how many ppl look at these trees and how beautiful they are. I feel like i’m the only one who’s sad that these trees are only there in Maadi and that’s what’s left of them. And why am I blaming them when I’m the one who just said i haven’t noticed them for a while.. I think i’m starting to be a ” mwaten mat7ooon ” with all the surroundings and the circumstances at hand. I’m affected by the routine of my life.. lack of inspiration or the time for inspiration or the time for anything for that matter. I don’t have the time for my favorite sport. I “squeeze” a couple of hours every other week or so to see my old friends. I even sometimes try very very hard to squeeze an hour or so every couple of days to have quality time with my mother. And every few weeks i realize I haven’t spent enough time on me just because i haven’t tried and squeezed that time in my busy schedule. I think everybody’s life had become very hectic these days. Or may be like I always believed and like a friend recently told me that we have the time for everything we just don’t use it wisely.. ” we have more time than we really think “. But the only thing is I used to notice these little things without trying to squeeze anything or make a very tight schedule or buy an organizer which i recently bought and never ever knew why do ppl use things. This last realization makes me still feel like i’ve gotten busier although I don’t feel that I have all that much to keep me busy. In fact i’m searching for more stuff to keep my mind busy because i feel like I think too much.
Only talking about schedules i realized i have a very busy schedule today that I haven’t even started yet and it’s midday already.

Rabbena ma3ana πŸ˜€

Listening to ~ The Fear by Lily Allen

A friend just told me this today and now i’ve seen it on Gjoe’s it gave me a new perspective and it sorta changed how i see things today.
So thanks πŸ˜€

Posted on: March 14, 2009

Why is it hard now letting him go.
“When does this self-centered, possessive me come from. It’s your right and it’s what u deserve?!”
It’s what she always wanted for him.
Happiness and peace.. it’s really what he deserve.
Maybe she wished she could make it up for him one day.
I guess she doesn’t have the time for this now.
She only has the time to grieve and blame herself for the time he wasted and the pain she caused him. She has plenty of time in fact. Her entire life…

I can’t bear to be the cause of your troubles
I can’t bear to see you hurt for a moment
For this I’m willing to give up my dream
Even if Β it is and always will be the only true dream I’ve ever had and ever will.

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