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A couple of days ago I realized we are in spring. Spring is not really my favourite season but there is one thing i like about spring. Ever since I moved to Maadi i noticed those beautiful trees with flowers on them. they are all across maadi and they’ve always welcomed the spring with those beautiful flowers with there very different colors. I even used a certain route to work so that i would get this view all the way to work. A couple of days ago i realized it’s been spring for a while now and i was just missing it. Even after I noticed my mind somehow is still off that everyday I don’t take my special ” Spring Route ” and i only notice it when i arrive at work and see the beautiful trees i’ve missed that day.
Every day i wonder how many ppl look at these trees and how beautiful they are. I feel like i’m the only one who’s sad that these trees are only there in Maadi and that’s what’s left of them. And why am I blaming them when I’m the one who just said i haven’t noticed them for a while.. I think i’m starting to be a ” mwaten mat7ooon ” with all the surroundings and the circumstances at hand. I’m affected by the routine of my life.. lack of inspiration or the time for inspiration or the time for anything for that matter. I don’t have the time for my favorite sport. I “squeeze” a couple of hours every other week or so to see my old friends. I even sometimes try very very hard to squeeze an hour or so every couple of days to have quality time with my mother. And every few weeks i realize I haven’t spent enough time on me just because i haven’t tried and squeezed that time in my busy schedule. I think everybody’s life had become very hectic these days. Or may be like I always believed and like a friend recently told me that we have the time for everything we just don’t use it wisely.. ” we have more time than we really think “. But the only thing is I used to notice these little things without trying to squeeze anything or make a very tight schedule or buy an organizer which i recently bought and never ever knew why do ppl use things. This last realization makes me still feel like i’ve gotten busier although I don’t feel that I have all that much to keep me busy. In fact i’m searching for more stuff to keep my mind busy because i feel like I think too much.
Only talking about schedules i realized i have a very busy schedule today that I haven’t even started yet and it’s midday already.

Rabbena ma3ana 😀

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