Posted on: June 8, 2011

Everything is lifeless. Everything is colorless, mute and just out of order. -The moment I read this sentence on one of my favourite blogs by Ibhog I couldn’t help but relate to it..It is by far the closest description of what I feel. This is exactly what my life has turned into .. mute and colorless, almost lifeless.

The more I try to add meaning to it the more it becomes clear that I’m running in an endless road. It’s not that I’ve only lost some things along the way.. I also lost the hope that was pushing me to continue down that road. How does one continue walking without any reason to. And if I want to stop, what do I have to do to stop this endless race. Can I make it stop?! And if I stop will anyone notice?! Would it make any difference!? I think not. So what’s the use of the race anyway?!

This is not a very new state of mind for me.. I think I’ve been to this place in my mind before but I think this is the farthest I’ve been in this jungle of thoughts. I don’t know if this is rock bottom that one has to hit before they go back up or have I already been damaged beyond fixing.


2 Responses to "Random"

I’m sorry you’re feeling that way. That post was about my sister, she visits every once in a while and I’m generally better.

I totally relate to how numbing the race is, but the hope is, time buries all sadness .. in a sort ..

be well .. 🙂

Yeah I know it was about your sister and I’m glad that you’re much better.. I just keep several quotes and I go thru them every once in a while .. and your words seem to be a winner every time 🙂

They say time heals all wounds but I discovered they have no idea .. that’s why I agree with you and I hope that time buries some of the sadness .. in a sort 🙂


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