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Snow in Alex - I got it from http://twitpic.com/3fdag9

Snow in Alexandria, Egypt


An all time fave .. I find it too optimistic though :))

و حقولك ايه عن حبي و كل كلام الدنيا قليل
I find this very true.. sometimes words are too small and limited to express how we feel, whatever this feeling is!


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Posted on: December 5, 2010

The new theme is just to enjoy the snow effect on wordpress 🙂
I just soo miss snow 🙂

Lovely day everybody, enjoy the chilly weather 🙂


So today is the first day of the last month of this year. How am I feeling!? hmm I’m not excited about new year .. Neither I’m not happy about it. I’m indifferent which is what I didn’t expect if you asked me exactly 5 weeks ago. I don’t have any hopes for the coming year and i’m not sad about it either. And like last year everybody was looking forward for 2009 to end and I was one of them. I really had high hopes for this 2010 to be honest, ofcourse they all went down the drain 🙂

This is a snippet of a post I never published tab3an as usual 🙂

“Never made those new year’s resolution. Never tried and never wanted to. I always believed if you want something enough you would go out and get it, you won’t wait for a new year to make a resolution. I’m not against evaluation and new hopes and new plans, but I just never liked the idea of the same resolution being made every year and forgetting about them till the next new year. I’ve never also been hopeful or wanting a year to end for another to begin, to me they are all the same and we are the ones who make our days.
But this year is somehow different for me. I’m strangely hopeful and I so wanted that 09 is finally over. I’m so happy 2010 is already here.
And since I didn’t like 09 at all it just gave me a mood of reflecting on it and wanting to see what do I hated it so much and how can I make peace with it. I don’t like the idea of hating a certain date, let alone a whole year. ”

Well as you can see obviously I’ve returned to the same old me! Only a bit bitter maybe! I still believe if you want sth you’d go out and get it. Like I believe that ” The non-existent is whatever we haven’t sufficiently desired” one of my favourite quotes ( although I’m a bit surprised at myself that I still believe in this one ). I had my biggest regret although I never believed in regrets and I still don’t – I believe regrets are pointless and whatever I did seemed right at the time so it’s totally useless- But I’m back to me. I’m back to the person who doesn’t keep any dates .. who hates calendars and linking times and dates to specific events, I’m almost back to my normal self. I don’t hate life the way I did few weeks back anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t like it either but at least I’m being indifferent about it. Feels like being numb a bit. Dont’ know if this is temporary or not. I hope not! 😀

As usual I don’t make resolutions I think I’m pretty set up and know my resolutions and I already changed. But to be fair there are good things that happened this year although loads of things fell apart., me included! At least I set many things straight in my life. I’ve learned how to face the world with it’s ugliness and I’ve learned how to deal with hypocrisy and double faced ppl .. or rather I’ve learned not to deal with double faced ppl at all :))
ya3ni a few things here and there and I am happy about them all. I don’t like linking but just because I feel I’ve already hate this year I’ll suggest that I’ll always remember that it’s the year with big lessons for me!

Wishing everyone a very happy new year 🙂

This is song keeps popping in my head today. It’s one of my faves anyway. And somehow it sounds more meaningful today. I wonder what that means! 🙂


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