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A Dream

Posted on: June 28, 2010

So I’m out there, trying hard to breathe the fresh air. Suddenly everything becomes stuffy and humid. It turns windy, yet I find myself totally unable to breathe. I look around at the people I thought would give me a hand, but I find them all gone. There are no traces of anyone I know. Everyone is looking away either on purpose or not. There are no faces now. They are all just shadows, faceless shadows, walking in all directions. Yet no one seems to see me. It feels useless to scream. I try to get out some sounds but there seems that there’s no media to transfer the sound. I wonder how come there’s no media when there’s wind that’s about to pull me out of my roots and cut me to shreds. I feel a deep need to run but my intuition tells me I have to keep my grounds. I don’t need a familiar face anymore. I just need to know whether to stay or to run for my life, if it’s worth it anyway.