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Well at first I felt it’s been a biiiig while since I last wrote anything. I decided to write what happened and saved it to a draft and now reading it, it appeared so irrelevant right now. A lot has happened in the past month but today it just seems that it all came to a halt, or at least this is what I pretend it did. A while ago I felt that only this blog did freeze and I had lots of things going on but I was unable to write them or even to remember them. Now I feel my life itself has frozen such as my blog. A million things are happening everyday but I’m just unable to take them in. It’s like I’m in one of those clips where the singer is just steady there and all the ppl with the background behind them is changing in a fast-forward trend. I just feel like I need everything to stop or at least stop to me I want to go back to my bubble, shut out everybody, have a chance to grasp all of what’s happening to me and to the world and maybe I will come back sometime later. Seems just impossible right now, well of course it seems impossible anytime but actually I used to be able to do it before. I go to my bubble shut out everything and everybody, I take my time and then I go out as good as new. Now I can seem to do that. I just want it all the freeze like me or my blog. But I know it won’t, life waits for no one and definitely stops for no one. Well, just have to wait then for me to go back to my normal self before it’s too late.

P.S. I just want to say that I feel very grateful for everybody who gave me advice and tried to help. I really am grateful and thankful I have ppl like you in my life.


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