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Last week was a total bummer for me. It was to be a refreshing vacation after a looong stressful and disappointing weeks on end, well unfortunately it was not. It wasn’t the refreshing week end as i don’t feel refreshed lel asaf. I couldn’t stick to my schedule as planned, partly because of the heat wave and partly because I had a million things to do. And I hope this all ended today when I was supposed to wake up early and go enjoy the day, I missed it all because of niether my mobile nor my usual alarm clock – which i rarely use which means it was important that I wake up early- rang on time. Sa7ee7 the mobile was my fault because of the daylight savings thing and that’s what I always do adjust it and then come back to find that I forgot to adjust the pm, am thing, but you, the normal old fashioned alarm clock, well I have no excuse for you!! And yes I put in on the ON mode, and yet it didn’t ring. I hope this is the end of this bumming week. I still feel blessed el 7amdullelah tab3an and about today I woke up only really thinking that it’s just not meant to be and فدر الله و ما شاء فعل. I’m still grateful for this week el7amdolleah, I did things which I don’t usually do which cuts the routine of my life a bit. I took a break from those ppl I see everyday, and there was Sham el nessim which in a way or another makes me happy although I don’t usually like these events. And I feel blessed because I was able to take this vacation in the first place tab3an with all the circumstances at work.
Having all of this written, I feel relieved, blessed and grateful. We really sometimes take a lot of things for granted. They are simple small things but they are the most important and without them we might not enjoy a lot of things in life.

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زعلانة قوي من الدنيا .. زعلانة قوي من الناس .. و زعلانة قوي من نفسي


Posted on: April 9, 2009

It doesn’t always suck as they say. Yesterday I had the weirdest incident where an old guy yelled at me for no apparent reason in the street where I parked. And obviously he is the psychoof the area – it was obvious he waited to yell from a balcony- one of the residents told me to ignore him and enter my car and drive or even park in front of his shop. Although it was silly and stupid enough but I wasn’t really in the mood nor the blame of my self not answering that guy and let him rant all he wanted. After I parked home I decided I’m not in the mood to go home and I needed a walk. So as I was going out of the so not difficult place to park or get out of, this nice guy came and helped me out. You might say he has an ulterior motive, bs I don’t think so. 🙂
Although I didn’t have my walk in the lovely chilly weather of yesterday, but still I met my friend we had a nice chit chat and we cruised the mall and didn’t buy anything unuseful like we usually do- which is a good thing -. So I would say the day ended on good terms and I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face barely remembering yesterday’s incident. So I would think Karma proved me I didn’t do anything bad to repay me. See, Karma doesn’t suck!

Foot note: I lost my oculist’s prescription and my custom made mobile pocket :((
Would that count in my Karma calculations?!



Posted on: April 4, 2009

اللهم اني لا أسالك رد القضاء و لكني أسألك اللطف فيه .. يا رب

Forgive and forget .. well I don’t think I forgot but what I feel now is that this feeling of forgiveness. For anyone and everybody. I remember everything happened to me and it’s like ” SO WHAT, that was so long ago” . Who cares now what happened before. I still can’t tolerate those inconsiderate ppl . Actully it’s not that I can’t tolerate them. it’s more that I really appreciate those who are really considerate. I almost fall in love with them 🙂

It’s like suddenly everything is now being narrowed down to tiny bits of anger or unforgiveness that are too tiny to be even seen. Yesterday I was talking about this thing to a friend and I realized how big it was just by the look on her face. She couldn’t believe me I was telling it just like that as if I’m talking about a silly thing. That’s when I realized I really don’t hold a grudge to anyone. It’s as if we’re all in a happy place where anything bad just fades away. I do not know where is this coming from. Is it me hoping for a better future. Or because I realized I don’t have enough time to hold grudges and hate ppl and waste the time I have left.
Anyway all I know – and I’ve always known just wasn’t able to implement it – is that our lives are too short to hold grudges and feel bad because of this or that person or incident. It’s too short to build castles in the air to finally find the wind blowing them away in your face. I hope this feeling stays and it’s just not a phase in my life. I hope I can be able to enjoy every minute, differentiate between dreaming sweet dreams and building castles in the air, creating nightmares in the process. Know what I want and trying my best to achieve it and never giving up on it. Learn from my mistakes and never looking back to regret them. Have the ” Don’t Care” attitude when it doesn’t matter, not overreacting and be that hard on myself or anybody around me.
Life’s too short to not enjoy every minute you have left. Be it a minute or even a million years, your time is God’s gift to you so use it wisely and don’t waste it in vain.