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the past couple of days, actually the past 5 days, have seen a lot of my life they carried joy along with melancholy and over excitement at the same time. I didn’t know those were even possible to have those group of feeelings keda all together ma3 ba3d .. and quoting Gjoez f “nafs zat el wa2t” keda. It all started by my mum coming back safely el 7amulelah ( yaaaaay ) and then things followed. My best friend got engaged. I couldn’t believe i would be that happy for her el7a2ee2a. I don’t think I would be as happy for me because she herself is kinda still in the surprised phase and i don’t think i would react any differently 😀 then comes the melancholy 😦 i’m not sure it’s melancholic i think i’m overreacting but it’s just sometimes when you have the total freedom to choose it’s not really a walk in the park when that decision will have your whole life to depending on it. i know this vague – sounds like the old me- bs i’m sure when it’s no longer vague for me i’ll tell all about it 😛
then comes the last thing, i’ve been having a flu for the past 9 days !!!! it’s been a very strange flu and it’s getting tiring and boring. it’s running around every where -almost the hole office and everybody i saw in the past few weeks either have or had it recently- so watch out.
yalla rabena yeshfeena gameeee3an w ye7faz el sam3een (or el aryeen in that case :D) 😀


well i don’t really know why wud i start over here.  I don’t know is it because i need some change or is it because I want to follow up with the changes that are being sprung over my life. Or is this the new me who’s trying to face all those changes with the new changes just to prove that i won’t give in to whatever is thrown at me and that  I will always be a fighter. who knows?! bs it’s apparantly not me lelasaf :S

Anyway i hope it will be a lighter journey and a nicer ( more understandable) blog :))

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